Interferential Therapy

The Interferential therapy or IFT uses mid-frequency electrical stimulus to remove the muscle sprains, strains and spasms. When applied appropriately, this mid-frequency current waves creates a massaging effect on the affected area at intermittent levels. This intermittent current stimulation causes production or secretion of endorphins and encephalins hormones which is found to be helpful in relieving the pain.
(Endorphins and encephalins hormones are considered as the natural analgesics which our body cells produce during painful conditions to reduce the pain.

The Interferential therapy is principally used...

-To relieve the pain
-To increase the blood flow mainly cutaneous and local blood flow
-To stimulate the muscles so that the recuperation process will be fastened
-To reduce the swelling and edema of the bodily parts
-In case of open wounds, cut injuries, infections, etc. the Interferential therapy should not be used as it may increase the problems.