What is Celtic Healing?

Celtic Healing uses the body’s Bio-energy which is the natural energy that flows around and within the body, namely, the Aura and Meridian lines / channels, which are energy channels.

These energy channels which flow around and within the body have the primary purpose of keeping the body healthy. The disruption in the energy can create problems with the health of the psyche, emotions and body.

of reducing or eliminating a particular concern, issue or problem. Celtic Healing, Bio-energy Therapy practice was set up in 2010 by Peter Woods and Paddy Dalton.

The technique used in Celtic Healing involves clearing blocked energy by means of manipulating and smoothing out the energy flow in and around the body. This is done by the therapist placing the hand in the energy field around the body without touching the patient. This therapy can be used on adults and children with the parent/guardian consent.

Celtic Healing can be used for:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress
• Eliminating Migraines
• Reducing the healing time of Post-operative and post-injury healing process
• Arthritis
• Boosting immunity
• To increase energy and vitality
• Chronic pain and much more

The benefits of using this gentle Bio-energy technique include:

• It’s quick!

• The technique is pain-free using only the hands to manipulate and smooth out the energy in the meridian around the body.

• There is no need to divulge personal information about a trauma or problem to the practitioner unless you wish to.

• Bio-energy therapy works on mind, body and soul.

Celtic healing is a type of energy healing. When a person is well, the energy will flow freely through the Meridian lines and Aura. When a person is ill, it is because the energy flow has been disrupted and to alleviate the disruption the blockage should be released. Meridian lines carry energy throughout the body and unlike other systems in the body Meridian lines are invisible.

Celtic Healing utilizes the Meridian flow of energy and has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years to manage health. The Chinese believe that emotion and cognitive health states are significant causes of disease as are purely physical causes. In brief the meridian lines/chanels interact with your cells, organs, moods, and thoughts. Celtic Healing works by stimulating the same Meridian energy flows on and within the body and can help overcome many illnesses.