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This aspect of Physiotherapy focuses on the chronic pelvic pain, sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, incontinence, prenatal and postnatal problems. Monika at Riverview Therapies is our women’s health physiotherapist with many years experience in private and NHS settings to deal with these problems. She is highly qualified and experienced in her field. She will offer you a highly individualised and confidential assessment followed by a treatment plan.

* Pelvic girdle pain
* Low back pain
* Coccyx pain
* Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
* Stress incontinence
* Pelvic organ prolapse
* Weak pelvic floor muscles
* Core strengthening exercises
* Pregnancy related questions
* Lifting and biomechanics advice for new or would be mothers and fathers.

Due to COVID-19, we have reduced working hours. Kindly call to book an appointment’

Due to COVID 19 we are operating on reduced hours and from our clinic in DA12 4RU.

Please accept our sincere apologies, we our doing our best to help all clients. Please use a mask when attending your appointment.

If you you have any Symptoms please cancel or reschedule.