Sam Winters


Sam is a Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist and Deep Tissue Masseur with expertise in treating muscle, nerve, and joint pathology. He received his degree through King’s College London and attained additional qualifications at the British School of Osteopathy, Birmingham University, and the Whittington. As a result, he can offer an array of treatments; including soft tissue and myofascial release, muscle energy, and neuromuscular techniques.
His unique combination of manual therapy and exercise and holistic approach frequently produces high-quality results.

Sam is skilled at treating spinal pain as well as discomfort in the arms and legs. He also has a great track record at helping patients return to the activities they love, whether ice-hockey or gardening, optimizing sporting performance and reducing the risk of falls.
He loves little more than treating clients, guiding their recovery and helping them achieving their goals.

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