Robert Nelson

Complementary Therapist


Offering a choice of Massage treatments alongside Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Life Coaching, Rob is an experienced therapist.  He can draw on a range of treatments that can be used alone or in combination. Rob is particularly adept in helping you to manage anxiety, stress and tension.

Massages available include the standard Swedish massage (back or full body), the popular and deeply relaxing Hot stones massage, Indian Head massage and Seated Chair massage. Massages provided can be soothing and pampering or Deep tissue.

Reflexology works by applying a little pressure to points on the soles and upper feet to influence the health of the corresponding part of the body. “Pressure sensors” on the hands and feet connect with different parts of the body and as these are stimulated during a treatment, waves of relaxation are sent through the body,

Many clients testify to the benefits it has on the quality of their night’s sleep.

Rob has worked in Health and social care all his professional life. His treatments have supported many people with life altering illnesses.

Due to COVID-19, we have reduced working hours. Kindly call to book an appointment’

Due to COVID 19 we are operating on reduced hours and from our clinic in DA12 4RU.

Please accept our sincere apologies, we our doing our best to help all clients. Please use a mask when attending your appointment.

If you you have any Symptoms please cancel or reschedule.