Q1- Is Riverview Therapies is same as Insta Cure UK Ltd?

A- Yes. Insta Cure UK Ltd is registered name and trading name is Riverview Therapies.

Q2- How long is initial assessment and what to expect at initial assessment?

A- Initial assessment is basically a 30 minutes session to offer you a thorough subjective and objective assessment for your problem. You will be asked to sign an informed consent form. Your therapist will assess, diagnose, discuss and explain to you his main clinical findings. You will an opportunity to ask any question with regards to the assessment, your problem and management plan. Your therapist will involve you (and your carer if applicable) in planning your short term and long term goals a taking into account your expectations from your treatment. You will be given a treatment plan and home exercises (daily activities advice) which will be reviewed at each treatment session.

Q3- How long is follow up sessions and what to expect during session?

A- Follow up session will be a 30 minutes session during which you will be reassessed for your problem and will have opportunity for clarifying any doubts related to treatment, assessment and home exercise plan. You will also be offered treatment (electrotherapy/acupuncture, manual therapy/massage/postural advice/pacing advice/home exercises/cupping/general advice) as appropriate.

Q4. What should I wear during my appointment?

A- You are advised to wear comfortable jogging bottoms/shorts for lower limb problem and vest top (under your jacket/blouse) for upper limb problem. For spinal problem (back pain, neck pain, etc) you might need to undress. So, kindly carry appropriate clothing. We will provide you with towel if needed. We will ensure you are assessed and treated maintaining your dignity at all times. You can stop your assessment and treatment at any times if you feel uncomfortable.

Q4. Do I need a chaperone?

A- You do not need a chaperone. However, if you feel comfortable to bring along your partner/friend/family member, please feel free.

Q5. Do you take Card payment?

A- Not at present. But we will soon start card payments. We gratefully accept cash, bank transfer and cheques.

Q5. What are your opening times?

A- We have opening times details on our website www.riverview-therapies.com

Q6- Can I get same day appointment?

A- We can offer your same day/evening and weekend appointments. Please contact us for more details.

Q7. What will happen if I miss my appointment?

A- We appreciate that we all can get stuck in traffic or can face an unexpected situation. We always encourage our clients to inform us atleast 24 hours in advance if they can not attend their appointment. If you are self pay customer, we will charge you for full session. If you are through medico-legal or private health insurance, we will notify your referring company who can penalise you for your absence.

Q8. Do you offer home visits?

A- Yes, we do offer home visits. Please visit Home Visit or contact us directly.

Q9. Do you have parking at your clinic sites?

A- Our clinic sites at Gravesend and Dartford has ample of free parking with no fee or restriction. Our Northfleet clinic has very limited parking (mainly on Churchill road which is behind Pelham Arms Pub).

Q9. What facilities you offer at your clinics for your clients?

A. All our clinic sites are disabled friendly with disabled access, disables toilets, wheelchair access, etc. We also have patient waiting area, free car park, water dispensing facility, tea/coffee and free public wifi (at Gravesend clinic only).

Q10. Our children allowed at your clinics?

A. All our clinic sites are children friendly and please feel free to bring along your children (buggies welcome).

Q11. Do you treat children?

A- Yes, we do see children under the age of 16. However, we always encourage an adult to be accompanying the child.

Q12. What is the best way to contact you?

A- You can call us or use our contact us page.

Q13. Do you accept NHS referrals?

A- We do not accept NHS referrals. However, we accept self referrals, all major insurance companies (BUPA, AVIVA, AXA-PPP, WPA, Cigna, etc).